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    Airbnb lets you experience a place like a local—it's important to be a good neighbor, no matter how far you are from home.

    Before you book

    • Introduce yourself. Share your bio in your profile and verify your identity. Hosts like to know who you are and might be more likely to accept your request.
    • Make sure it’s a match. Examine the photos, reviews, and house rules to ensure the space and hosting style suit your needs.
    • Say hello. Feel free to contact the Host with any questions.
    • Still thirsty? Learn more about what's expected of guests.

    Before your trip

    • Talk to your Host. Communicate your expectations and special needs clearly.
    • Give them a heads up. Let them know if you’re likely to be late for check-in.

    On your trip

    • Keep your word. Honor your commitments—including arrival time—and house rules.
    • Be polite. Enjoy the place as if you were staying with friends, and be respectful of the neighbors.
    • Live local. Explore the neighborhood and support local businesses—ask your Host about their favorite spots
    • Be cool. Get your Host’s permission before inviting guests over.
    • Reach out. When in doubt, message your Host with questions and concerns.

    After your trip

    • Leave a review. Always leave an honest review for your Host. They’ll be invited to do the same for you.
    • Be constructive. Let them know what you liked, what needs work, and don't hesitate to sing their praises if you want to!
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