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Kuidas saab Mandri-Hiinas kombineerida turunduskampaaniate ja -vahenditega määratud soodustusi?

Currently, there are 7 discount marketing campaigns/tools available online for mainland China listings:

  • New Home Specials
  • Seasonal Specials (limited-time offer)
  • Last-Minute Sales
  • Early Bird Specials
  • Extended Stay Specials
  • Membership Discounts
  • "No Refund" Discounts.

Of these, five discount deals cannot be combined, and the remaining two discount deals can be combined with other promotions.

Single host discounts

The five discounts that can’t be combined are: New Home Specials, Seasonal Specials (limited-time offer), Last-Minute Sales, Early Bird Specials, and Extended Stay Specials. When you set up more than one of these promotions, and they all apply to the same order, only the deal with the highest amount will be applied. If the promotions have the same amounts, only one of the deals will be randomly applied.

Combined host discounts

There are two discount promotions that can be combined are Membership Discounts and "No Refund" Discounts. When these two deals take effect simultaneously, they can either be combined with each other, applied separately or together with the "largest of the five single deals."

Example: Your nightly base price is CNY 1,000, and you've set a 10% Summer Special discount, a 15% discount on extended stays, a 20% discount on Last-Minute Sales, a 12% Membership Special discount, and a 10% "No Refund" discount. When the five discounts are applied at the same time, only the highest amount among the non-combined Season Special, Extended Stay, and Last-Minute Sale deals will be effective the 20% discount on Last-Minute Sales. Therefore, when it is combined with the "No Refund" discount and the Membership Special discount (10% + 12% + 20% = 42%), the final discount amounts to 42%.

Things to know

  • Airbnb's Host Discount Deals include but are not limited to the seven discount deals above. Whether a new deal is covered by the combination rules shall depend on the new deal's rules.
  • If you and your guest communicate via Airbnb Private Message and you give a Special Offer, it shall be the final total price of the booking and shall not be affected by any marketing campaign or tool.
  • In addition to discount promotions, hosts can create their own gift coupons. The host's gift coupon discount will be combined with the above discounts to qualify for the gift coupon deal. The gift coupon will take effect if the deal conditions are met. Otherwise, it will not apply.
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