Soovitused kuvatakse pärast otsingu sisestamist. Sirvimiseks kasuta üles- ja allanoolt. Valimiseks vajuta sisestusklahvi („Enter“). Kui valisid fraasi, otsime seda. Kui valisid soovitustest lingi, avab brauser selle lehe.
Üksikasjalikud juhtnöörid

Kuidas hinnangud ja arvustused elamusi mõjutavad?

As a Host, you know it’s all about the guests—did they love the Experience you so carefully curated? And if they just can’t stop talking about how fantastic it was, you did a great job.

Your commitment to our quality standards is what makes our community so strong. And every 5-star review lets us know that we are meeting guests’ expectations.

Quality criteria

Guests provide written reviews and star ratings on their experiences—for example, how communicative was the Host during booking? Airbnb cross-references these reviews with other engagement signals related to your Experience, including how guests are interacting with it and your activity on Airbnb.

How to improve your Experience

If you’re struggling to maintain a high overall rating and guest engagement level, we can help. First off, we’ll contact you if you receive a low-star review to share clear criteria and resources that can help you improve. We may also share tips based on insights from guests and other successful experience Hosts.

You can check your reviews and performance using your Host dashboard. And read these tips for hosting a quality Experience.

When Experiences are removed

Hosts with consistently low reviews (less than 3 stars), or insufficient page views and bookings, may have their listings suspended and/or removed from Airbnb.

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