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BikeBrix scenic cycling tour in Lake Maggiore Ascona Locarno
We'll meet either at your accommodation or at my address in Brissago. We'll then have a quick breakfast, a short briefing about what we're going to see and what kind of roads we will ride on (elevation, towns, road conditions and so on), and then leave for a 60km ride on the best routes you could imagine. I prefer the less known areas, which are also the quietest and most picturesque. I know the roads so I'll guide you on the best ones in order to make sure you can enjoy the ride, according to your fitness conditions!
Making own sculpture in the Alps
Fill your life with an amazing experience: Have you ever been able to transform Earth into art!? We'll work with clay, yes, that squishy stuff between your fingers not only will bring back fun childhood memories, also also moments of deep concentration, and moments of laughter with strangers that are now your new friends! The sculptures we'll make will represent animals of the Alps -- such as the Swiss cows, goats, sheep, but also we will sculpt people and other figures incorporating stones from the river, and other interesting artifacts from the area. We start getting our hands dirty around 10:00. We have an hour lunch break. You can pack your own lunch or you can join me at my favorite restaurant for a 15chf lunch! After lunch, we will continue working on our sculptures till around 16:00. We'll wrap up the lesson with a small aperitif...on the house! And of course, you'll get to go home with a brand new sculpture made with your very own hands!!
Trascorri una giornata felice come dogsitter
Gestisco una pensione ed asilo per cani situata ad un'altitudine di 770mt immersa nella natura. Gli ospiti potranno trascorrere una giornata presso di noi. Verrà organizzata una presentazione di un'ora sul mondo cinofilo, per poi osservare i vari comportamenti e caratteristiche degli ospiti presenti. I partecipanti avranno la possibilità di vivere una giornata in una pensione/asilo per cani ed occuparsi di un cane e farlo giocare, pulirlo, spazzolarlo, nutrirlo e coccolarlo. Alla conclusione dell'esperienza verrà scattata una foto del partecipante col cane di cui si è occupato e verrà inviata la foto come cartolina all'indirizzo indicato dal partecipante.
Esplora Lugano con un Fotografo Pro
Partiremo dalla stazione per recarci poi in quelli che sono i miei punti preferiti della città, il tunnel di Besso, il Lac, il lungolago e infine Parco ciani. In ogni punto scatteremo foto e vi racconterò un po' di storia di questa meravigliosa città.
Phototour in Lugano
Do you want to get best pictures and videos for your social media? I can help you with that and make your great pics in Lugano and nearby. I'm a passionate photographer with a professional camera. We will explore best places in Lugano and make beautiful photo memories in the authentic historical center, park and lake! We will discover not only city's famous places in the center, but also some underestimated points, narrow streets, beautiful basilicas, hidden courtyards with great details and decorations for cool pictures. Would be a great pleasure to share with useful lifehacks for your trip.
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