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The guest house Komatagawa is a whole house rental where you can enjoy a sense of privacy. It is a very ordinary single-family house, but you will feel a sense of nostalgia as if you were at your grandmother's house in the countryside, and take a break ... Let's enjoy the comfort of a peaceful countryside.

Ryujin Village, where the stars shine brightly.
It is said that Ryujin Onsen, from which Ryujin Village derives its name, was discovered by En no Ozuno and opened by Kobo Daishi at the behest of Nanda Ryuo.
Please come and see the stars shining brightly in the night sky of such historic area of Ryujin Village.

【COVID-19 Measures】
・Regular disinfection is provided in common areas.
・Adequate ventilation is provided in all rooms.
・Our cleaning staff always wear masks and gloves, while sanitizing the rooms using alcohol and other effective means (including remote controls, wall switches, doorknobs, etc.).


【Whole house for rent】
・It is available for use by 1 group only, so you can enjoy a spacious and relaxing stay.
・Capacity: 5~11 people
・4 bedrooms (1 Western-style 7.5 tatami mat room, 1 Japanese-style 4.5 tatami mat room, 2 Japanese-style 6 tatami mat rooms *can be connected)
・Living room
・Bathroom with shower
・Bath and toilet included
・BBQ is available on the wooden deck!
*BBQ stove can be rented for a fee (reservation required)

【Other facilities】
●In-house facilities
Tableware (rice bowls, teacups, small plates)
*There is no TV.

●In-room facilities
Set of bedding (with clean sheets and pillow covers), fan (summer), fan heater (winter), kotatsu (winter)

【Parking lot】
About 5 cars (free of charge)

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7 ööd naabruskonnas Tanabe

11. jaan 2023 - 18. jaan 2023

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Tanabe, Wakayama, Jaapan

● Ryujin Onsen
The three most beautiful hot springs in Japan. Known since the days of Kumano worship, it is said to have been opened by Kobo Daishi at the behest of Nanda Ryuo.
This famous hot spring prospered as a vacation home of the Kishu Tokugawa clan during the Edo period.

● Onsenji Temple
It is said that the origin of this temple is a hermitage in which Rurikko Yakushi Nyorai was enshrined when Kobo Daishi opened the Ryujin Onsen.

● Mandara Falls
The back of Onsen-dera Temple. It is a beautiful water stream that looks as if it were dripping with white thread.
The volume of water increases around summer, and you can enjoy a powerful landscape.
It was the training place of Kukai, and became famous when it appeared in his unfinished novel "Daibosatsu Touge"

● Tenchugura
In 1863 (Bunkyu 3), the Tenchugumi, a group of fervent supporters of the ideology of "Sonnō jōi", raised their hands in fire, but were defeated, and 8 of them fled to the Komata River in an attempt to regroup. On September 22nd of the same year, they surrendered and were imprisoned in this warehouse. 
● Firefly watching
Fireflies can be seen in the surrounding area from early to mid June.

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