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Notmowedthissummerduetohigh gaspricessosorry$250-tripto mowplusmowergas. Bringground tarptoputundertenttokeepdry
Notoiletinwinterbutouthouse buildingforPackinpackoutwaste/portableshowertent/RVspaces tentsnotincludedonlisting. thisprice doesn’tincludetentrental. No showersduetoCOVID-19bathhouse restrictions.firepits/chairs. Walk acrossmsmallcreektocampingarea. Thereislakeaccessw/in5minwalkon mydock. Usecaution. Driest campsitesupbybuildings. grasstall/firepits/chairs/Lakeview/accessatredsheddock

5 acres in my front yard with a lake Michigan view and access to Lake Michigan within a five minute walk. Composting porta potty type toilet. Pack and pack out your own garbage with Compostable bags provided and inside of a compostable garbage receptacle only for this use. No camping garbage receptacles on site. Pack in pack out your garbage. I have four portable potties with composting bags and portable potty houses. So first come first serve but you can have your own set up and take care of your own mess please.

Most likely you will not be the only campers at the site for some reason some people assume they will be the only campers and there’s 5 acres here there’s plenty of room to social distance and Social camp at a distance. I think the pictures depict that accurately. Highest campsites up by buildings and grass not wet there unless it’s raining. What is the campsites as it slopes down toward the road. Bring sandals or water shoes or rubber boots based on preference.

Do not plan to camp here with your tent without a rain fly. Do not hold me responsible because your belongings get wet if you do not bring a rain fly and or a tarp and a ground tarp. It’s always Safest practice to leave belongings you do not want to get wet in your vehicle and not inside of the tent if you decide to leave for multiple hours or an entire day leaving your tent to fend for itself in inclement weather which is more prevalent in the fall.

Camping hammocks for rent with rain fly. Tents also for rent. Two kayaks for rent.

Primitive rustic dark walk at your own risk. Sturdier along the edge supports for anyone over 200 pounds.

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7 ööd naabruskonnas Naubinway

26. juuni 2022 - 3. juuli 2022

4,46 out of 5 stars from 26 reviews


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Naubinway, Michigan, Ameerika Ühendriigid

Please be respectful of the quiet residential neighborhood and vehicles when walking or bike riding on the nearby roads. Please do not block the roadway walking in large groups abreast of one another. Please do not litter in the neighborhood and pick up after yourself at the campsite and on my property please and thank you. There is a amazing scenic Overlook just above the property it overlooks the property and you can get a sense of location there is also a spotting scope and a picnic area there as well it is located on US two above the property it overlooks the nearby bays

Five acre lawn and five minute to east is a private dock for Lake Michigan access are the red shed

Quiet time of 9 PM unless it’s a weekend then it’s 10PM. Please be respectful of my neighbors and when you arrive park on the left side of the drive allowing ingress and egress of others not blocking the driveway or roadway.

Self-check in due to Covid 19. Check in by messaging your arrival time ahead of time and what you booked and message upon arrival after you have
Parked on left side of shoulder on left side of private drive.

Property located below scenic overlook. Drive to overlook on US2 and overview the property and surrounding bays on Lake Michigan. Tourist brochures located in brown shed next to white Porta Potties under the trees. Firewood for sale by Zelle Venmo or Pay Pal for $25 a wheel barrel load by 5 1 7 8 9 9 6 9 1 6 or k e l l I e n I g h t l I n g e r @ y a h o o . c o m. Send me a message and advise you are getting a load of firewood and how you will pay and your name. Thanks. Kayaks and stand up paddle boards and boat rental available based upon availability. Private tours of wild edible plants and historic tours also available based upon availability.

Majutaja: Kellie

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I am the top-ranked female wilderness survivalist in the world.

I was the first woman to complete Discovery Network's 21-day survival challenge Naked and Afraid. TLC showcased the off-grid log cabin I am building and my unique way of life living off-grid in the wilderness in the mountains with 7 feet of snow base and sub-zero temperatures where I took a self-proclaimed "city guy" on a blind date in my wild world on Strange Love-Popeye and the Wild Woman. Tokyo Broadcasting System filmed two TV survival episodes where I taught the most famous Japanese comedian how to survive for 72 hours on a remote island in the middle of the South Pacific. The Science Channel's Hack The Wild filmed me hosting the Deadly Glacier episode where I taught a computer hacker how to survive the harsh winter traverse of glaciers in wild Alaska. Premier Outfitter Under Armor hired me to teach survival to elite running athletes from around the world from urban centers to the desolation of Death Valley for the UA production UA Run Camp Death Valley. Michigan Out Of Doors Television showcased me hosting and teaching youth how to spear fish in the wilds of Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula in spring run streams for Red Horse and Black Suckers.

I teach survival, a naturalist interpretive guide, an adventure guide, and a conservationist at wild locales all around the world. I also film survival tips and share my adventurous life on videos I self-film to teach and inspire viewers from around the world.

I have profound passion for the outdoors and a unique ability to teach and inspire clients not only about wilderness survival but also about the importance of all things on this earth that are wild and their symbiotic relationships and importance. I inspire others to get outdoors and go wild and to follow their wildest dreams. I change people's lives and dramatically improve their understanding of the natural world and their role in it as a human being. My forte is teaching wild edible and medicinal plant and mushroom gathering and usage. I don't meet my client's expectations; I exceed them. When people leave they have tears in their eyes and nature and a love for the wildest places on earth in their heart and a better understanding of what it means to be sustainable as a human and the need for natural balance. I am happiest in the wilds of the world sharing the importance of where the wild things are with the world. We need clean, pure air to breathe. We need wilderness. We need nature and all living things and nature needs us. As the world population explodes we need more wilderness and a more sustainable way of living. I eat wild. I live wild. I am a wild woman with a big heart.

"Follow the river
Follow the stream
Fore, it will surpass your wildest dreams
Take no path but the one in your mind
And, leave nothing but a wild legacy behind"

"Livin' fast and free, and just as wild as can be!"

Wild Woman,
Kellie Nightlinger
I am the top-ranked female wilderness survivalist in the world.

I was the first woman to complete Discovery Network's 21-day survival challenge Naked and Afraid. TLC…

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Self-Check in and self-check out. I may or may not be available. If I am available; I would love to meet you. I also offer Guided private property tours in the area based upon Availability. Firewood may be available. Two kayaks and one standup paddleboard may or may not be available. A camp host also may be available. Please do not come driving in my driveway at a high rate of speed and pulling up to my home or my renters home. You can communicate with me via messaging or communicate with a camp post if there is one on site. My renter knows nothing about anything related to Camping so please do not bother him. He keeps to himself and works from home as a professional. Remember to pack and then pack out your own garbage waste
Self-Check in and self-check out. I may or may not be available. If I am available; I would love to meet you. I also offer Guided private property tours in the area based upon Ava…
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