Kundapura Island stay: Backwater Island House

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If what you are looking for is a relaxing vacation away from the noisy city then pack your bags and head for the stay - a beautiful STRIP OF LAND situated right at the mouth of VARAHI RIVER, in the sleepy town of BASRUR. Forget all your troubles as you listen to the soothing sound of waves, and the swaying of tropical palms. The surrounding water is home to several fresh water fish.

THREE REASONS why the place is A MUST VISIT:

01. You can bask in the sun, watch a GLORIOUS SUNSET, take a dip in the river, go for long walks and cycle rides, and feast on mouth-watering food of your choice.

02. This property will give you an ISLAND EXPERIENCE since it is located far away from the city life and the only possible way to get to here is through a boat ride, if you're looking for a vacation that will surround you with beaches and its TROPICAL SETTING, then this home stay is a must try.

03. Even though this home stay is far away from the busy city life, it still compromises of various ACTIVITIES that you can indulge in. It will keep you as far away from a hectic life yet keep you thoroughly engaged in the ADVENTURE this place has to offer.

THREE REASONS to have a look at prior to booking your stay:

01. SMOKING INSIDE the Stilt house is strictly PROHIBITED. If you are planning to drink, you can get your own supply of booze and make sure you drink responsibly, we do not supply any liquor nor we can get it for you from outside

02. LOUD MUSIC in the Island is strictly prohibited.

03. You have to park your vehicle at a private property and the property is reachable only by a 15 minutes BOAT RIDE on the backwaters. This property gives you an absolute Island experience.

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7 ööd naabruskonnas Moodalkatte

14. sept 2022 - 21. sept 2022

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Moodalkatte, Karnataka, India

The ARABIAN SEA is just a FEW MILES from the southern tip of the Island. Welcome to a vista of winsome beauty where verdant mountain slopes play with lush plains, swaying palms dance around sparkling beaches and winding rivers silently slithers into a mighty ocean. Tradition based on a legend has it that the sage Jamadagni and his wife Renukadevi with their four sons lived long ago. Jamadagni, was a man of violent temper. On returning home one day, Jamadagni noticed that Renukadevi was steeped in thought and failed to greet him. In a fit of blind rage, at what he thought was a slight, he ordered his eldest son to kill his mother. He refused and was cursed to be a stone. The sage then turned to his second and third son each to do likewise. They too refused and were turned into stone. Jamadagni then asked his last son Parashurama to kill his mother. He did this with an axe and won the approval of his father.

As a reward for his obedience, Jamadagni promised to fulfil any three boons his son would request. The first boon Parashurama asked was that his father should cool down. The wish was granted and the father realized his folly. Next he requested that his brothers be returned to him alive. This was also granted. Finally, he wanted his mother back alive. The last wish too was granted.

Remorse for killing his mother weighed heavily on Parashurama's mind and try as he would; he could find no solace. He then went on a 'theertayatra' (pilgrimage) to all holy places in the world to find peace for his turbulent and troubled mind but found none. No where he could clean the blood that was stuck to his axe. It is said some where in the mountains when he washed his axe in one of the rivers, the blood was cleaned. So as to build a world of his own, which cradled peace for his mind, he hurled an axe towards the sea which moved back to create before him this beautiful expanse of land, now called Parashurama Sristi.

Hidden within its beauty lies a vast cultural heritage with glimpses of an ancient civilisation.

Majutaja: Jnanesh

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A well-seasoned traveler who loves to see new things, exotic cultures and meet new people!

I love to host and connect to the people from all over the world and I want them to have the best memory of India staying at our gorgeous properties with an amazing experience of culture and the place.
A well-seasoned traveler who loves to see new things, exotic cultures and meet new people!

I love to host and connect to the people from all over the world and I want…

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Even though I shall be not available in person at all times, as mentioned, we have LOVELY STAFF, CARETAKERS and a MANAGER who assist our guests with all their needs. Moreover, in case of issues we are always available ON PHONE.
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