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    • Discover more in our complete guide to navigating hosting during COVID-19

    We know the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has been challenging for many of our hosts. And for those who are juggling school closures and other disruptions to your everyday life, it may feel like it’s becoming even harder to balance your personal and professional responsibilities.

    We’re working to find ways to help you adapt, including creating new tools that allow hosts to take advantage of travel trends we’re noticing on our platform. Recently, for example, searches for longer stays nearby have more than doubled worldwide. And in the U.S., bookings for four to six weeks have increased 30% since last week.

    Here are some ways that hosts can attract these types of guests right now:

      Add monthly and weekly discounts. Due to travel restrictions, many guests may be considering longer stays that are closer to home.

      • Now when you edit your listing, a new pop-up box will prompt you to optimize for longer stays by adjusting your setting for maximum length of stays and by adding weekly and monthly discounts. (Less than 50% of hosts offer a weekly or monthly discount, and those who do tend to get more bookings for longer stays.)
      • For hosts with more than one listing, you can make these adjustments across all of your listings at once from your Listings page.

      Consider updating your listing title and description to attract guests, and make sure you’re following our content guidelines. We've noticed that some people need a little more room, and many are searching for spaces where they can be alone or with family.

      • As many face school closures and shift toward remote work, those who decide to book a stay may be drawn to work- and family-friendly listings. Remember to highlight how your space can meet these needs by adding photos and revising your listing description.
      • If your space offers things like fast wifi, a comfortable workspace, and/or is suitable for children, remember to update your amenities to reflect that.

      It’s more important than ever to be thoughtful about the words you choose to describe your space. Please consider these do’s and don’ts, many of which we’ll be strictly enforcing in an effort to provide guests with the most accurate information possible:

      DO: Revise your listing title to mention that your space is great for a staycation, as a work-from-home alternative, or for families.
      DON’T: Promote your space as “COVID-free” or “quarantine-friendly.” In fact, we’re requiring that hosts remove any mention of “COVID-19,” “the coronavirus,” or “quarantine” in their listing title.

      DO: Highlight your enhanced cleaning routine in your listing description. While we won’t allow you to claim that your listing is coronavirus-free, you can share details about your cleaning methods. (Example: “Due to the coronavirus, we’re taking extra care to disinfect frequently touched surfaces between reservations.”)
      DON’T: Use shortages of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other essentials as a way to entice guests. (Example: “Escape the coronavirus! Plenty of toilet paper here!”)

      DO: Incorporate screening questions for guests in your House Rules or listing description. (Example: “Do you currently have any travel restrictions in your area due to the coronavirus?”)
      DON’T: Encourage guests to ignore local travel advisories, and please don’t share health, safety, or travel advisory information from sources other than or your local government.

      In the meantime, we’ll keep sharing more travel trends and offering tips to help you attract guests who may be considering future travel. As always, thank you for hosting and for being part of the Airbnb community.

      Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

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      • Discover more in our complete guide to navigating hosting during COVID-19
      20. märts 2020
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