Soovitused kuvatakse pärast otsingu sisestamist. Sirvimiseks kasuta üles- ja allanoolt. Valimiseks vajuta sisestusklahvi („Enter“). Kui valisid fraasi, otsime seda. Kui valisid soovitustest lingi, avab brauser selle lehe.
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Airbnb supports a number of different currencies to give you more flexibility when you host or stay with us. Choose to pay with your preferred currency when you enter your payment info, or change your default currency at any time. Depending on your payment method, some currencies may not be available.

Currency conversion

Airbnb displays prices in the currency you selected. If you change the currency at any point while booking, the price will automatically update in the new currency. When you’re ready to finalize your reservation, the checkout page will also show the new currency.

Third-party fees

If you choose to use a currency that doesn’t match your default payment method, your bank or credit card company may apply currency conversion fees to your payment. Airbnb isn’t responsible for these fees, so please contact your bank or credit card company to learn more.

Cross-border fees

When extra fees appear on your bank statement, or the amount charged differs from what was shown on the Airbnb checkout page, this might be why: If your bank or credit card company classifies Airbnb's processing entity as international, it may charge cross-border fees—even if the charge was processed in the standard currency of your payment method.

Airbnb doesn’t manage and can’t refund these fees, so please contact your bank or credit card company to learn more.

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