Soovitused kuvatakse pärast otsingu sisestamist. Sirvimiseks kasuta üles- ja allanoolt. Valimiseks vajuta sisestusklahvi („Enter“). Kui valisid fraasi, otsime seda. Kui valisid soovitustest lingi, avab brauser selle lehe.
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Majutuskoha broneeringu muutmine

Whether it's changing the dates of your stay, the number of guests, or something else, you can alter a confirmed reservation by submitting a change request to your Host.

Muutmistaotluse saatmine

  1. Mine jaotisse „Reisid“ ja klõpsa reisil, mida soovid muuta
  2. Klõpsa broneeringuteabe all nupul „Kuva üksikasjad“
  3. Klõpsa nupul „Muuda või tühista“
  4. Klõpsa jaotises „Muuda broneeringut“ nupul „Edasi“
  5. Muuda peatumise kuupäevi või külaliste arvu ja klõpsa nupul „Jätka“
  6. Vaata muudatused üle ja klõpsa käsul „Saada taotlus“

How it works

Depending on the Host’s policy, changing the number of guests may affect the total cost of your stay.

The original total and the new total will automatically show once the Host confirms your changes. You’ll be charged or refunded, if necessary, and this will be shown before you confirm the change.

If the Host declines your request, or doesn’t respond, your reservation will stay the same.

Other details

Here are a few other things to keep in mind when making a change request:

  • You can’t make changes after a stay has ended
  • Once changes have been made, any later changes must go through the process outlined above as a new request
  • If the Host altered their pricing for the new dates before you requested the change, your new reservation will reflect this pricing, unless you booked a special offer
  • Changing the reservation dates may affect whether or not you're still eligible for a weekly or monthly discounted rate

Note: For reservations in India, you can't make any changes to a reservation that results in an increased price. If you want to make a change like this, you'll need to cancel the existing reservation, then make a new reservation that specifies the increased price.

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