Soovitused kuvatakse pärast otsingu sisestamist. Sirvimiseks kasuta üles- ja allanoolt. Valimiseks vajuta sisestusklahvi („Enter“). Kui valisid fraasi, otsime seda. Kui valisid soovitustest lingi, avab brauser selle lehe.
Üksikasjalikud juhtnöörid

Uue väljamakseviisi lisamine

Ready to host? Fantastic. Just set up a payout method and prepare to welcome your guests.

For more info, check out our Resource Center.

Väljamakseviisi määramine

  1. Ava „Konto“ > „Maksed ja väljamaksed“ > „Väljamaksed“
  2. Klõpsa nuppu „Seadista väljamaksed“ („Lisa väljamakseviis“, kui sul on väljamakseviis juba olemas)
  3. Vali oma arveldusriik/-piirkond, et näha saadaolevaid väljamakseviise.
  4. Vali väljamakseviis, mida soovid kasutada, ja klõpsa nupul „Jätka“
  5. Lisa nõutud teave ja klõpsa nupul „Järgmine“

Kui oled seadistanud mitu väljamakseviisi, saad valida nende hulgast ühe vaikimisi väljamakseviisi.

Getting paid

When it’s ready, the payout will be released to your payout method for processing. You can check the status of your payouts at any time from your Transaction history, found under Settings > Payouts & payments.

Adding different payout types

You can choose from:

Fast Pay: If the option is listed for your country or region, you'll be able to sign up for this payout method to an eligible Visa or Mastercard debit or reloadable prepaid card that is issued in the US. Fees may apply. More about Fast pay. 

Bank account: Enter your bank routing number and account number. Wait for a small deposit to verify your account is ready. "For Further Credit" accounts (FFC) are not eligible for direct deposit.

PayPal: Make sure your account is activated on PayPal before adding it as a payout method. More about PayPal.

Payoneer PrePaid Debit Mastercard: Enter your name as it appears on your official ID. Payoneer will need to approve your details before you can receive payouts. More about Payoneer PrePaid Debit Mastercard.

International wire: Depending on your location, you’ll need to enter your account number or IBAN, which your bank can provide. Fees may apply. More about international wire transfers.

Western Union: Enter your name as it appears on your official ID. Fees apply. More about Western Union.

Cash (Cuba): Cash in CUP to your payout address. Fees apply.

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