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Kas on piiranguid selles vallas, milliseid majutuskohti on lubatud lisada?

Airbnb welcomes many different kinds of listings on our site as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • The space is only used for lodging
  • The space, if a mobile home, sailboat, yacht, or other vessel, will be semi-permanently attached to a set location and will be parked in a privately-owned space during the reservation
  • The space is accurately represented, located where the host says it is, and is bookable by the host

Listings that don’t meet these criteria include:

  • Motor vehicles or watercraft intended for mobile use
  • Any listing whose primary purpose isn’t serving as a lodging

If we discover a listing that doesn’t meet our guidelines, we may exercise our discretion to limit, suspend, deactivate, or cancel the host's account. Refer to our Terms of Service for more information and other requirements for listing your space on Airbnb.

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