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    You can quickly narrow your search by using travel dates and filters to find an available listing with the amenities you want. You can read the listings for more detail and pinpoint them on the map to check if they’d be a good fit for your trip.

    To search for a place to stay:

    1. Enter your destination, travel dates, and number of guests, then click Search.
    2. If you want, use the filters (for example, price range) to narrow your options. Click More filters to see all available filters.
    3. Scroll through the listings or use the map to find listings in the location you want.
    4. Click on a listing to open it. To learn more about it, read the description, check the available amenities, review the house rules, and read reviews that other guests have left for the host.
    5. If you have any questions, send the host a message. Or, if you’re ready to book, click Reserve and request to book the listing (or use Instant Book if the host has it turned on).

    You can also save your favorite places in Save to keep them on hand for later or share with your friends. Learn more

    Using the map

    The map is a quick way to review the listings in relation to areas of interest. You can zoom in or move around the map to find additional listings that don’t appear at the initial zoom level.

    When you look at a listing, we might indicate that it’s a “Good Value.” This means that the price is a lower price compared to other homes for the dates you chose that are similar in location, ratings, and amenities. Keep in mind that many places to stay are unique, and different attributes may be important to different guests.

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