Soovitatud tulemuste nägemiseks keri edasi

    Kuidas mõjutavad minu elamuse hinne või hinnangud minu võimalust elamusi korraldada?

    The Airbnb Experience marketplace is known for high-quality experiences, and all experiences must meet our quality standards to be published on Airbnb. As part of the Airbnb Experiences host community, you commit to hosting experiences that meet guests’ expectations.

    Guest reviews help hosts and Airbnb understand which experiences meet these quality standards and expectations. Consistent 5-star reviews help build trust in Airbnb Experiences, bringing success to the entire community.

    This is why experiences that have one or more low-star reviews and a low review rating may fall below our quality and eligibility threshold, and may be removed from the marketplace.

    What leads to an experience being removed?

    Experiences must maintain a high overall rating and guest engagement level. Guests like to know they can expect a consistent level of quality, no matter where they book. Hosts with consistently low reviews (1-3*), or insufficient page views and bookings, may have their listings suspended and/or removed from Airbnb. 

    How can I improve my experience?

    You can check your reviews and performance using your Host dashboard. We also encourage you to check out this blog post on the 3 pillars of a quality Experience.

    What other quality criteria can lead to an experience being removed?

    In addition to ratings and reviews, we look at other guest and engagement signals related to your experience, including how guests are interacting with it and your activity on Airbnb.

    How will I know when my experience is at risk and what I can do to improve?

    When an experience is at risk of removal, we’ll always reach out to share clear criteria and resources that can help you improve your experience.

    We may also reach out when an experience receives a low-star review to share information and tips based on insights from guests and other successful experience hosts.

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