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    Kuidas registreerida oma ettevõte programmis Airbnb for Work?

    If you manage your company's travel or human resources program, read on to learn how to:

    Enroll your company

    To enroll your company or to talk to someone about how it works, fill out the contact form.

    Set up your company's account

    To set up your company’s account, we’ll ask you to confirm your email address. When you do, you’ll get access to the Airbnb for Work dashboard where you can:

    1. Invite your employees to the Airbnb for Work program.
    2. Add your company’s credit card. This gives your employees an easy way to pay for any work trips they book on Airbnb.

    Use an existing Airbnb account to manage your company's travel

    We’ve made it easy to manage your company’s travel by adding a specialized dashboard that you'll be able to use with your existing Airbnb account. From this dashboard you can invite employees, check active or upcoming trips, review itinerary details, and more.

    You can access your Airbnb for Work dashboard here.

    Add an employee to your company's account

    You can invite an employee to your Airbnb for Work program.

    Add an admin or trip planner

    To add an admin or trip planner, first invite them to your Airbnb for Work program.

    Once they've joined, you can change their role from a traveler to an admin or trip planner from your dashboard.

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